Meet the Executive & Medical Board

Meet the Executive & Medical Board

Dentakay was founded in search of Medical Excellence coupled Management Genius. 

This led to the highest  patient satisfaction rate all over the nation. This helped us reflect our values of innovative business operation as well as high quality dental care to all our patients.

Meet the team behind this success:

Onur Akay
Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in corporate management. Mr. Onur Akay, left his signature on multiple large companies such as TAV And Huawei Turkey.

In addition to that, Mr.Onur Akay possesses a highly effective approach to entrepreneurship and financial management. In the past two decades, he has built a network of talented professionals who have joined the Dentakay family across multiple departments.

The role of Mr. Onur Akay is considered essential in growing Dentakay significantly during the last two years. With his time-forward vision in the industry trends and his risk-taking skills, he has pushed Dentakay to achieve its highest customer satisfaction and raised the expectations of dental care treatment to another level. Making Dentakay, the most renowned brand for dental care.

Dr. Gulay Akay
Chief Medical Officer

Having started her career in by working in the largest local dental clinics, Dr.Gülay Akay has harvested over 15 years of experience in the dental treatment industry.
Only 10 years ago, she launched her first single-seat clinic, to later grow it into the massive empire of dental treatment clinics, known now as Dentakay. She is known for her tireless pursuit of perfection and noblest dedication to reaching complete customer satisfaction through her services.

For this reason, she set the highly-praised Dentakay Standards, and successfully conveyed her vision and ethics of work to all the medical staff and the ones working to assist their journey on this path.

Dr. Gülay Akay search for excellence has seeped into the foundation of Dentakay, which was amplified by the unique management experience of Mr.Onur Akay and Mr.Mohamad Hamour, who collaboratively transformed the single-bed local clinic into a multi-location, rapidly growing company. Known both locally and internationally.