Discovery Meeting

This meeting typically serves as an introductory interview for both parties. You will be able to understand the business metrics, the requirement to franchise with us on a day-to-day basis, and the expectations of being a franchisee. Additionally , we will typically be  looking to find out whether you are qualified for our franchise program or not

Submission of Application

At this stage you will be asked to complete the franchise application. The application is typically only a few pages containing a number of questions regarding the profile and personal finances of the applicant. 

As Dentakay we request this information to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements before we continue with the process.

Introduction to Current Franchisees

We will introduce you to our renowned network of franchisees who have gone through the same franchise application process and have already opened their own unit. This step is to help you understand the scope of our support to our franchisees, and how impactful it is on their business growth and industry recognition.

Discovery Day Invitation

You will be invited to our headquarters in Istanbul, to have an in-depth look at the company and meet the team behind our success. It’s a one-of-a kind opportunity to ask detailed questions and get your answers from the source, immediately from the people who will be working hand-in-hand with you throughout and after the agreement.

Finding the location & Signing a lease

After signing the agreement, we will hunt down the best site location with the help of our network and specialists guidance. 

Due to our intensive experience we’ll indicate what characteristics are required for a location in our franchise. Before negotiating and signing the lease. We will ensure you obtain a fair lease that matches our standards.

Development of Unit

Once the lease is signed, the development stage will begin. We’ll ensure this unit is an extension of our pre-existing units and can represent our vision and values with every detail. We will also be extending support via architects, suppliers, and contractors in order to reflect the Dentakay brand.

Employees Recruitment

We will save you countless hours spent on staffing and recruiting by reaching out to our strategic partners. We will hunt the highest performing specialists and personnels to create an effective working body at your franchise.

Training and Support

Before development is complete, you and your staff will undergo training with Dentakay Academy.  This training is like no other, it will prepare you for all your business needs; Dental Training; Compliance and Competence; Management and Operations. The training period will prepare you to hit the ground running as soon as the unit is ready to open.

Grand Opening

With your unit fully developed and training complete,you will be ready to open your business and begin operations. From this point forward, we will be supporting you every step of the way to ensure you provide excellence both medically and managerially.