Franchising Ideal Candidates

What do all our candidates have in common?

Our candidates believe that luxurious dental treatment services should be available for all patients.

Doctors' Partnership

We have geared our franchising network to provide you with an opportunity to partner up with other or existing dentists and start your journey as a business owner collaboratively. 

After careful assessment of sound business and clinical knowledge, we’ll matchmake practitioners and provide continuous operational support, marketing and training that will allow you to effectively meet and surpass any consumer expectations.

Converting Existing Clinics

This is a great option for experienced dentists and clinic owners who noticed that their practice’s growth has begun to stagnate. We’ll come up with a custom plan, tailored to your business and your goals, new operations methods, revamp the site and connect you with our strategic partners to help you grow your business.

Brand New Clinic

Dentakay’s franchising opportunity isn’t just for old dental clinics, we also partner with new dentists and investors to start new clinics from scratch.

As we are renowned for, we have developed an exceptionally successful model. We will help you build up a location that meets the unique standards of Dentakay Clinics, and provide you with all your business needs starting from the architectural design, all the way to supporting you with purchasing medical equipment

Investor: Strategic Partnership

As Dentakay, we offer an exciting investment opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in the dental treatment industry. We simplify the process of getting new Dentakay clinics up and running, and our investors don’t need any prior experience in dental care.

Rather than starting from scratch, franchising allows investors to open a business with an established brand recognition and systems for operating a successful business.

Our investors are able to leverage multiple industry trend, committing to our business model and operational expertise, we will recruit the highest qualified dentists and practitioners and match them with these opportunities to maintain our well-known standards of dental treatment services.