Franchising Benefits

As Dentakay we’re set to optimize our operations and on-going systems to drive the most value of our procedures. And to ensure we’re creating a remarkable experience for our customers. 

You will get business funneled directly to you, by syndicating customer databases, we’re aiming to take the burden of management off your shoulders, and maximize your profits by minimizing operational costs. 

Therefore, we want to empower your business to drive the same highly-praised value we stand for, through our close support in all your business related operations. This opportunity will offer multi-dimensional benefits to both game players and newcomers.

Brand Recognition

As Dentakay, we are the pioneer in bringing a glocal approach with dental franchising in Turkey. We have tested and created a system of patient management and dental treatment, which have proved success. And we are looking forward to bringing our experience to the local market.

Our brand recognition will attract new patients from all over the nation. When franchising with us, your clinic design and brand communications are held to brand standards that ensure a quality aesthetic that Dentakay has become known for.

Leading technology

Dentakay has adopted this fail-proof system to increase sales and enhance the active communication channels. This has been made possible by cloud computing and data sharing technologies within Dentakay. 

As our supported franchisee, you will be updated on the latest technology used on all operations related to your business, from dental equipment to data analyzing systems, we’re the leaders in adopting the latest tech to our business.

Marketing & Advertising

We have built a full-stack digital marketing and digital advertising team, where we produce the highest performing marketing campaigns as well as the highest quality content, in the dental treatment industry across all digital channels.

  • PPC Experts 
  • SEO & SEM Experts 
  • Written and & Audiovisual Experts
  • Social Media Experts 
  • Marketing Strategists


Press & Media

As a practice owner, you will benefit immensely with our current press and media profile, we have a very strong media presence including digitally and we work closely with influencers.

Telesales Services

At Dentakay, we’ve got years of experience in multi-channel communication. From latest technology utilization, to sales techniques optimization. We turn every call to a customer, generating pools of patients at your clinic’s door. 

As our franchisee, we will take the burden of reaching new patients off your shoulders thus you can concentrate on treating and providing a great dental service for your patients. 

Our telesales are experts in: 


  • Building customer trust 
  • Recording and Analyzing patients’ pain points 
  • Visualizing Treatment Paths

Training & Support

Whether you’ve got career experience in the industry or you’re a newcomer with passion, our team will support you in every aspect of running your clinic, all through intensive training with our team of experts. 

 As our franchisee, we would help maintain the finest program for you and the clinic’s employees whilst strengthening the clinic’s reputation as the market leaders in dental care.

 Our comprehensive training material guides you thoroughly over the Dentakay Standards. 


  • Medial Training 
  • Management & Operations 
  • Competence & Compliance 

Patient Aftercare

We understand that building long-lasting trust with patients is the product of excellent services. Therefore, we will support you through our central team by following up with your patient’s recovery.  

As our franchisee, this customer loyalty will be transferred to you, and we’d like to support you through maintaining it to its full potential. 


  • Patient-Centric 
  • Time Generous
  • Solution Oriented

Business set-up

Through our journey, we have extensive experience in developing and supporting both new and existing practices. You will be provided with operations manuals, a digitatized management system unlike any other system. 

Your franchise will be provided with a set of well-thought through innovative operational procedures which served as the backbone of Dentakay’s success.

Certified Labs

As Dentakay, our  lab is applauded and complemented for its manufacturing techniques. Every piece that enters or leaves our laboratory is thoroughly tested and evaluated. Our labs work with Genuine Manufacturing parts for dental restorations. 

Therefore we will ensure the franchisees all over the country have access to the same quality laboratory as our center. By connecting businesses to certified labs in their areas. These labs are carefully chosen, assessed and periodically audited to ensure it stands up to the Dentakay standards continuously.

  •  Latest Technology 
  • Talented Technicians 
  • Untampered material