Dentakay is always looking for highly motivated qualified candidates for the opportunity of becoming a Dentakay franchisee, To get started to learn more about the Dentakay Experience, fill out the form for Additional Information.

The qualification of turning your existing dental clinic to a Dentakay Franchisee, is a valid license of practicing dentistry, a minimum space of of 4 chairs, and a spotless practice reputation.

We require a minimum of 3 years of experience in the field of dentistry for the head of dentists.

Yes, none-dentists can own a Dentakay Franchisee, by becoming a clinic investor.

Each location can vary, depending on a variety of factors, including site selection, build-out requirements, permitting, and training. However, it typically takes approximately 4 months from signing the agreement to opening your Dentakay practice.

Dentakay has uniquely designed all core training for your entire office within our proprietary online training portal called the Dentakay Academy, which allows for regular updates on all the newest technology and patient techniques.

Additionally, we provide an opening training team to provide on-site pre-opening and opening training, supervision, and assistance to you. Once completed, franchisees receive regular updates to their training, including on-site visits and operation reviews.

Revenue capability will depend on a number of factors, such as your ability to manage your Dentakay patients and lead your team, location, traffic, operating costs, and financing terms. Naturally, as in any business venture, growth takes time, but we believe in our Dentakay Franchise program and will work with you hand in hand.

The initial term of your Dentakay franchise agreement is 5+5 years.

Yes, you can extend your franchise license, however, any extension on the initial 5 years period must be approved by Dentakay Clinics first, based on the performance and auditing evaluation.

Currently, we are evaluating many new territories throughout Turkey. Contact our Franchise Development for availability in your trade area. To get started to learn more about the Dentakay Experience, click this link to fill out the Request for Additional Information and apply for a franchise opportunity.

We will conduct an in-depth market research to determine the market size and depth in each location, before installing dentakay clinic.

Dentakay Franchisee space can vary based on the vision of the clinic owner and the service capacity in their area. Prime locations that have excellent visibility and easy access are most desirable. In addition, sites should be located in high-traffic areas with average daytime and residential demographics.

The initial investment for a new Dentakay Franchisee starts at $5,000 USD per chair.

The royalty fees for a Dentakay Franchisee are 7% of monthly gross sales.

The royalty fees for a Dentakay Franchisee are 3% of monthly gross sales.

By becoming our Dentakay franchisee, you will benefit from our rapidly increasing brand recognition. Our team of specialized marketers will carry out various forms of marketing and PR campaigns, they will also create the highest lead generation digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms.

Depending on the size and capacity of your clinic, our marketing support extends and varies, however, we will ensure you lead the landscape in your area as the pioneer of dental treatment.

We provide telesales support to enhance your sales performance and increase your overall sales.

We can support your staffing needs and requirements due to our strategic partnership with recruitment companies. We will help you find the most qualified candidates to your clinic as well as provide them with the necessary training to fill their roles effectively.

Based on your patient’s treatment needs, the Dentakay Lab support will benefit you with the digital imprints and molds, it will cut the expense edges of contracting with any other specialized dental lab and it will also provide you with the highest quality digital lab support.

As a Dentakay Franchisee, you will have access to massive discounts on your clinic needs, ranging between 2.5% to 20%.

We work with multiple well-known and highly praised brands to ensure the highest level of quality in dental treatment, such brands include but are not limited to Straumann, Nobel Biocare, and BEGO.

Dentakay’s metrics of success are associated with using the highest quality dental treatment products, therefore, all Dentakay Franchisees will be obligated to follow our menu of products. We will be providing both above-average priced products and average-priced products. Depending on the regional fees for dental treatment services in your area.

Both parties can terminate the agreement within the contract period if they present a reasonable case behind the termination.

We will provide our Dentakay Franchisees with a price list that ranges based on brands used and clinic location as well as the average market service fees.

We provide continuous auditing to ensure that Dentakay standards are implemented effectively within the clinics. And to evaluate the performance of the clinics and generate the best methods to enhance it.