About Us

With an eagerness for medical excellence, Dentakay has become one of the fastest growing dental treatment providers in Turkey. We’re a pioneer in providing top-tier dental treatments using the latest technology and following the highest standards of quality.

For years, we have led the field as the top destination for medical tourists seeking high quality dental treatment from around the globe. The growing demand for dental treatment services has made us the first choice for patients from all around the globe.

Our vision is to make luxurious dental treatment accessible to every patient and to build a strong support system to dental practices through an extremely successful dental franchise network nationwide.

At Dentakay we developed a system for you that it’s unlike any other. and would love to share our proven concept. We have created all necessary systems to provide you with a complete package to run a successful business. All aspects of the business have been taken care of so you can concentrate on providing quality care in an exclusive environment.